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As of 01/06/2021, 503 municipalities will already have the possibility to reach an on-call GP by calling 1733[1]. 1733 is a central number intended for non-urgent medical services on weekends or holidays. This number is linked to the local on-call services.

In 270 of the 503 municipalities, 1733 is already handled by the 112 centre in either Bruges, Leuven, Mons or Arlon. This depends on the municipality from which you are calling 1733. This call is organised in a similar way, complementary and in synergy with the 112 call system. Trained operators refer the person requesting care, on the basis of the Belgian Medical Regulation Manual (see below), to the most suitable care offer.

In the 233 other municipalities, people are currently transferred to an on-call staff member or an on-call GP. After all, because of the acute shortage of operators, it is not possible to have the emergency centre answering calls in all the municipalities.

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The FPS HFCSE is currently evaluating, along with the FPS HA, whether it is possible to have 1733 answered at all the centres in Belgium. This has the advantage that the 1733 calls will be spread more widely over the various centres. However, before this last step can be taken, it is necessary to consider the actual workload at each centre and the added value of the 1733 system to health and the economy.

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[1]In other municipalities, the on-call GP can be reached through a local phone number.