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Another guarantor of the quality of the care provided is the Health Care Quality of Practice Act of 22 April 2019 (hereafter Quality Act).

Its implementation is still in progress. This involves the carrying out of various projects to make this act a reality. These projects include:

Federal Control


It will eventually replace the provincial medical commissions. Its functions will be broader than those of these commissions. 
Register of practices


It is being developed and submitted to the various advisory bodies during 2022. Once completed, this register will be a database of what type of health care licensed providers are providing, where and with whom they are providing it, etc. The register meets a need in the field and among administrations.




Through this portfolio, a provider will be able to indicate that they have the necessary skills and experience to perform the practices, as indicated in the practice log.
Computerised patient


The Patient's Rights Act[1] enshrines the principle that healthcare professionals must have a carefully maintained and securely stored patient record for each patient. The Quality Act specifies the information that this record must contain.


Cooperation agreements
for general practitioner
out of hours services
In the past, there were several ways to organise and fund out-of-hours time within general practice. The Quality Act aims to guarantee a more efficient organisation of care. The objective is to reduce the pressure on individual GPs, while guaranteeing the patient a high quality of round-the-clock medical service and gaining financial efficiency.


<[1]Law of 22 August 2002 concerning the Rights of Patients