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Around forty reports are new or updated.


We are inaugurating a new chapter on health professionals within the overall context of practice variations...


All the analyses of practice variations have now been updated to include data for 2022!

‘Unwarranted variations’ are any unjustified variations in the provision of healthcare. An ‘unjustified variation’ means a non-random variation, resulting from the provision of insufficient or excessive services. These variations therefore indicate a possible inequitable access to evidence-based medicine, which should be available to all insured persons in the light of their needs, and point to potential inefficiencies in the healthcare system.

The Appropriate Care Unit of the NIHDI is continuously analysing variations in practices since 2017. The results of these analyses are published here by theme according to a classification by system as they become available.
Unwarranted variations in healthcare can be examined from one or several angles. The analyses carried out here consider the following types of variation:


In addition to the possibility of suggesting topics for analysis, it is also possible to interact with us on each analysis which is already carried out. You can either comment on the choice of selected data or even provide elements of interpretation according to your experience. These data are in fact deliberately provided here without any interpretative element in order to allow for these interactions.

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