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Through the journey of Nora, Déborah and Joël, we were able to follow the path that thousands of people who want to work in the healthcare field follow every year.


From their training to their day-to-day work, these professionals are dedicated to providing the best possible care to the public.

As health policies are launched, we support them to make this journey as smooth as possible.

It is through the courage, determination and resilience of healthcare practitioners around the world, and here in Belgium too, that we have weathered a pandemic of a scale new to us all. And it is also thanks to them that we can gradually return to "normal life".

This edition wanted to highlight their efforts and sacrifices. The hours spent sitting on school benches, in hospital corridors, in the office, at patients' bedsides, in consultations during night shifts; the tears shed in the changing room, the laughter exchanged between colleagues in the break room, the reports com-pleted despite their tiredness, etc.

None of this has gone unnoticed. For all this, and more, we would like to thank them. And long after the pandemic, after the applause has died down, we will stand with them and listen and respond to their needs.