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01.07.2022 2021 is online!

Some new major developments : Refined statistics and new trend charts to bypass 2020 in this post-covid period.


15.08.2021 A very particular year, the tools are sharpening and the horizon is broadening

The analysis reports are renewed and further developed...


15.12.2020 2019 reports update: 200 reports now on line

Global Payment with Standardization is now documented within the framework of practice variations...

Why the "practice variations" ?

‘Unwarranted variations’ are any unjustified variations in the provision of healthcare. An ‘unjustified variation’ means a non-random variation, resulting from the provision of insufficient or excessive services. These variations therefore indicate a possible inequitable access to evidence-based medicine, which should be available to all insured persons in the light of their needs, and point to potential inefficiencies in the healthcare system.

Overall context of practice variations

The methodology for analysing variations in health care practices takes place, on the one hand, in a national context of distribution and access to different health care providers and, on the other hand, in an international context of similar analyses...