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As seen previously, the consultative bodies play an essential role. Based on their recommendations, the training of healthcare professionals is modified and adapted to scientific and technological developments, as well as to the needs of the population.

Based on the recommendation of the councils, it is possible, for example, to extend the competences of certain professions when they deem it necessary. This sometimes goes hand-in-hand with an extension in the duration of studies.

A quality control can also take place through an obligation of continuous training throughout the professional practice, so that their knowledge is regularly updated. Medicine and the healthcare field are constantly evolving, so it is important that the care provided changes accordingly.

The consultative bodies can therefore give their recommendation on a multitude of subjects concerning the quality of care or the quality of training. The people who sit on these bodies include a large number of professionals who carry out their daily activities in addition to this mandate. They are therefore in a better position than anyone else to see what changes need to be made to maintain the best possible level of quality.