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The Health Status Report informs about the state of health of the Belgian population. It is developed by Sciensano, the Belgian Institute for Health.

The report builds on a set of 30 key indicators to provide a global view of the health of the Belgian population and its evolution. It is based on data collected from a variety of sources, such as health surveys, vital statistics, death certificates, registers, and administrative data.

The report is intended primarily for those involved in the development and implementation of public health policies, policy makers, practitioners and experts.

The report is developed as a decision support tool: its main objective is to have a diagnostic function and to serve as a "warning signal". Based on international comparisons, trend analyses, comparisons of results with reference values (implicit norms, and later, health objectives), "health needs" or, conversely, good results, are highlighted.

By disaggregating the data by sex, age, geographic level or socio-economic level, health needs can be identified that are more specific to certain areas or certain population groups.

The health needs highlighted should make it possible to initiate a reflection on the priorities and actions to be implemented.

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