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Beds, reserved for children and young people with mental health problems, are recognised under the code letter K (residential hospitalisation), k1 (day hospitalisation) and k2 (night hospitalisation).

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A total of 51 hospitals, including 26 general hospitals with a psychiatric department (PDGH) and 25 psychiatric hospitals (PH) have one of these K-services. Six of these PDGH and 8 of the PH do not have a psychiatric service for adults. In addition, a further three of these PDGH do not have a paediatric department for somatic care, while there is a department for children and young people with mental health problems.

The number of beds in K-services is usually more limited compared to the services for adults. Nevertheless, there are 2 PDGH and 2 PH with more than 50 beds reserved for children and young people (K, k1, k2).

In contrast to the services for adults, psychiatric services for children and young people within PDGH and PH have a better balance in terms of the distribution of bed capacity. In terms of geographical distribution, the concentration of K-services in the regions around Charleroi and Namur and in the province of Walloon Brabant is particularly striking, while the rest of the Walloon Region has a very limited offering.

Distribution of PH and PDGH in Belgium
indicating the number of beds for children and young people (01/01/2020)


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