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In crisis situations, talking to a care worker from a mobile crisis team or from a mental healthcare centre (MHCC) is sometimes not enough to treat mental health problems. Admission and treatment in a PH or a PDGH is then the most appropriate solution.

Here, a multidisciplinary team of specialised care workers works with the patient to work out an appropriate treatment plan (for both acute and chronic problems) and prepares the return home and follow-up care.

A crisis admission is possible in an intensive care unit (IC) where both an individual and a group therapeutic programme are provided, as short as possible, but as long as necessary.

If the severity of the problem is such that admission to IC does not meet the needs, an HIC unit (High & Intensive Care) is an alternative. The patient stays in a secure room, in a peaceful environment with the possibility of working with one-to-one treatments, with a focus on restoring autonomy and self-reliance. In any event, coercive measures should be avoided as much as possible.