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The Public Health Emergencies Service of the FPS HSFCE coordinated the distribution of protective equipment. At the start of the pandemic, the equipment was only supplied to healthcare professionals who remained active. Since May 2020, the equipment has been distributed to all healthcare professionals, in order to restart outpatient activity.

The equipment was supplied by the Ministry of Defence to all the provinces, after which the governors took care of subsequent distribution at local level. A strategic stockpile was also built up. The content of the stockpile was determined on the basis of advice from the consultative bodies for each healthcare profession.

The stockpile was initially distributed to the professions most at risk, and then expanded according to a detailed plan for all health professions. In this context, an app was developed so that any healthcare professional could register to obtain equipment.

Find out more about recommendations and the strategic stockpile of protective equipment in the outpatient care provision: