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The National Council for Emergency Medical Assistance is a body that gives advice to the Federal Minister for Public Health on the organisation and functioning of Emergency Assistance[1]. The advice given by the body relates to the functioning of the services and the training of people involved in emergency medical assistance. The Council should evaluate the quality of practice based on scientifically sound criteria. Moreover, the NRDGH/CNSMU has an important role in shaping the accreditation standards for ambulance services and the criteria applicable to scheduling these services.

The Council is composed of representatives from the organisations concerned:

  • The scientific associations of general practitioners
  • The associations of emergency medicine and disaster medicine
  • The associations of assistance institutions
  • The scientific associations of nurses
  • The professional associations of paramedics
  • The 100/112 call centres
  • The Belgian Red Cross
  • The army’s medical service

The Council sets up working groups with a well-defined remit and seeks the advice of experts of its choice.

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[1]The tasks of the National Council were laid down in the Royal Decree of 4 July 2004.