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  • The Risk Assessment Group (RAG) analyses the risk to the population based on epidemiological and scientific data. The group is chaired by Sciensano and consists of experts from Sciensano, the federal and the regional health authorities, among others. Since November 2020, this body has taken over the remit of Celeval (see below) with regard to analysing epidemiological risks, and until 1 April submitted its opinions to the Governmental Corona Commission.


  • The Risk Management Group (RMG) takes measures to protect public health based on the advice of the RAG. This group is chaired by the FPS Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment (FPS-HSFCE) and consists of representatives of the health authorities, both federal and federated. As an extension of this, the Hospital Transport & Surge Capacity Committee and the Primary & Outpatient Care Capacity Committee were set up (see below).


  • The Scientific Committee Coronavirus provides scientific advice on the evolution of the virus.


  • The ‘Evaluation unit’ (Celeval) consisted of various experts who initially combined the advice of the RAG, the RMG and the Scientific Committee. On this basis, the unit advised the authorities on measures to be taken to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. At the end of August 2020, the composition of Celeval was expanded to include experts from various sectors, and the unit took over the task of the GEES (see below). The Evaluation unit was dissolved at the end of November 2020. On the one hand, Celeval’s remit was transferred to the RAG and the FPS-HSFCE. On the other hand, it was decided to set up ad-hoc advisory groups for specific advice or strategic policy questions, since this exceeds the RAG’s remit.


  • The ‘Group of Experts tasked with the Exit Strategy’ (GEES) was a group of 10 experts tasked with providing advice to restart public and economic life after the first wave and stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. This group was wound down in August 2020.


  • The ‘Expert Committee on Management Strategy’ or ‘Group of Experts for the COVID-19 Management Strategy’ (GEMS) was set up in December 2020 as the successor to Celeval and GEES, and provides advice on the crisis management measures. Together with the Governmental Corona Commission, they ended their activities on 8 April 2022.