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  • The National Security Council (NSC) is a federal body consisting essentially of the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Ministers. In the context of the crisis, this body was extended to include the Ministers-President of the Regions and Communities. This collegial body took the policy decisions for the management of the crisis at the start of the pandemic.


  • The Consultative Committee is a committee on which all governments and their Ministers-President – at federal, community and regional level – have a seat. Since the formation of the De Croo government (01/10/2020), the decisions concerning the COVID-19 pandemic have been taken here.


  • The Interministerial Conference (IMC) on Public Health (see below).


  • The Federal Coordination Committee (COFECO) is chaired by the National Crisis Center and is responsible for preparing the policy decisions of the Consultative Committee at strategic level, and for coordinating the implementation.


  • The Governmental Corona Commission is responsible, among other things, for coordinating the communication between the federal government and the federated states as regards health policy. The Commission had to maintain relations with experts and social partners. In addition, the Commission was competent for formulating proposals for reforming the various consultation structures and thus simplifying the fight against the crisis. Finally, the Commission had to acquire new insights about the virus with a structured approach, and monitor the social, economic and societal impact of the measures taken. In this way, the Commission provided support for policy decisions and their implementation. The Commission’s task was ended on 8 April 2022.