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The intervention clothing used by emergency services workers in emergency and intermediary transport was determined by the Royal Decree of 26 January 2018 establishing the characteristics for the intervention clothing used by emergency services workers active in emergency medical assistance.

The intervention clothing consists of the following components: an anorak with summer jacket, trousers, a T-shirt or polo shirt, a chasuble and possibly a helmet. The wearer of the clothing may decide which combination to wear, as long as visibility class 3, as described in EN ISO 20471 concerning high-visibility clothing, is met. The components are considered personal protective equipment and must therefore comply with the relevant European regulations.


 DH EN fig21

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The only difference from the non-emergency transport intervention clothing is the addition of a star-of-life for the function of a paramedic in a silver-grey colour. However, the federal states elaborate upon these regulations further.