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COVID EN fig04

The website has communicated information about COVID-19 since October 2020.

This information is divided into 2 sections:

  • Information: this section contains links to other websites with official information on COVID-19
  • Personal data: in this section visitors can find various features which are supplemented according to the current situation.
    • Applications relating to taking a test: e.g. making an appointment, consulting the test result or requesting a quarantine certificate;
    • Information about vaccination: e.g. ‘My vaccination details’ or ‘Report a side-effect’;
    • Features relating to travelling abroad: e.g. ‘European COVID certificate’ or ‘Request a free PCR test’.

Almost 5 million visitors were registered on the website over a period of 7 months[1] and the applications relating to COVID-19 were clicked more than 4 million times during this period.


[1]Over the period from November 2020 to early June 2021