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The pilot project “For K” provides, for each Court of Appeal, for the development of a care pathway specifically for young people with psychiatric problems who are subject to a court order.[1]

156 beds for youngsters under judicial control having a psychiatric problem

Intensive treatment units have been set up for young people who have committed an offence described as a crime (MOF in Dutch) or for young people with a troubled upbringing situation (TUS).

Moreover, each project has a number of K-crisis beds that are not counted in the number of recognised K-beds.

Number of beds per Court of Appeal in the context of the "FOR-K" project[2]

In Brussels, this provision is complemented by a form of Sheltered Housing (8 places) for young people with psychiatric problems with a court order.

[1] More information on the supply, use and need for these treatment units can be found in this publication by the KCE

[2] Source: Psycho-social Healthcare Service, FPS Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment