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In the context of the Psychosocial Intervention Plan (PSIP)[1], a Psychosocial Coordination Committee (PSCC) was set up by the FPS HSFCE in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The aim of this committee is to bring together representatives from all the services and bodies involved, to agree on a joint strategy, and to work together as a team in order to set up psychosocial support services. Through the PSCC, initiatives were coordinated so that a consistent message was always communicated and the actions would be complementary.

The overall objective was to encourage self-care, care for each other and improving the resilience of both the individual and society.

A lot of emphasis was placed on the importance of clear communication:

  • A communication campaign was launched with tips on dealing with stress, both for the general public and the specific group of care providers;


  • An e-learning module was set up to support psychosocial care providers;


  • The information was communicated centrally through fixed channels in order to maintain an overview of all initiatives. The gateway for information on COVID-19 and psychosocial well-being is the website Information specifically for healthcare providers has been compiled on the website of the FPS HSFCE.

Find out more about the organisations and initiatives on psychosocial well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic:


[1]You can find more information about the Psychosocial Intervention Plan in ‘Key data in healthcare – Emergency medical and psychosocial assistance’.