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The actions that the paramedic may perform have been regulated by law. Based on this, the National Emergency Assistance Council worked on a national standing order template where specific examples of procedures are given. The bundle of standing orders offers a helping hand to the paramedic when they need to carry out actions entrusted to them.


The bundle describes the care that a paramedic mayperform for a patient who has suffered thermal,electrical or chemical burns. Here, they may measurerespiratory rate and blood pressure, disrobe thepatient and cool burns, among other things.


The standing orders also focus on collaboration with the PIT nurse and/or the MUG/SMUR doctor. For example, the above example describes how a paramedic can assist with such things as preparing medication and fitting an intravenous catheter.

To find out more about the standing orders for paramedics:

The nurse staffing a PIT also works in accordance with standing orders that were agreed upon with a physician from the emergency service to which the nurse is attached. These actions belong to the list of technical provisions drawn up by the Technical Commission for Nursing, known as B1, B2 and C actions[1].


[1]More information about these specific actions can be found here.