Updating reports

As the database relating to the reimbursements of care carried out in 2019 (NIHDI Documents N) has been updated, the various themes for the analysis of variations in medical practices have been updated in order to display the most recent data possible. The data reports published here are therefore based on year 2019, and the period 2009-2019 for data reflecting trends. It should be noted, however, that the practices concerned by the new low-variability care policy are only temporarily available for the year 2018. The programme is currently being adapted in order to be able to quickly integrate this new factor.

Taking advantage of this update, the range of analysis topics has also been broadened to provide the broadest possible overview of the various medical practices and specialties.

The analysis of variations in medical practice is intended to be collaborative. We are therefore at your disposal if you want to comment on these analyses, suggest a theme or an improvement to our programme, and of course your contribution is welcome if you are interested in bringing your expertise to "decrypt" the data in the light of your knowledge of the practice.