2019 reports update: 200 reports now on line

Some of the themes we document are potentially financed on a lump sum basis since January 2019. This new system is named “Global Payment with Standardization” (for the low variability care).

In order to enable the practice variation reports to continue the analysis of these themes on the 2019 data, it was therefore necessary to adapt our programmes to incorporate the specific features of these new lump sums.

This new parameter is now routinely integrated into our programmes. When a theme is concerned by these lump sums, the last page of the report illustrates their relative weight in the theme at the national, regional and provincial levels.

The analysis of variations in medical practice is intended to be collaborative. We are therefore at your disposal if you want to comment on these analyses, suggest a theme or an improvement to our programme, and of course your contribution is welcome if you are interested in bringing your expertise to "decrypt" the data in the light of your knowledge of the practice.