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This chapter focuses on the financing of psychiatric hospitals (PH). The financing of other institutions in mental healthcare is not covered in this document.Afb EN 07

As regards the PH, the main sources of funding are the Budget of Financial Resources (BFR) on the one hand, and doctors’ fees on the other. In addition, there are also reimbursements for pharmaceutical and consumable products, NIHDI flat-rates and room supplements.

We will look at BFR in more detail. This consists of a budget for infrastructure and equipment, a budget for operating costs and one for corrections or catch-up amounts.

The total budget for the PH in 2020 was €1.30 billion, which is roughly double the 2003 budget of €0.69 billion. The amount allocated to PH corresponds to 6.8% of the total budget for general hospitals (€18.66 billion)[1]

Evolution of the Budget for Financial Resources (BFR) of psychiatric hospitals

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