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In 2017, the total number of stays per 100,000 inhabitants in Flanders was 50,862 (+14.4% since 2008), 58,495 in Brussels (+9.4% since 2008) and 58,023 in Wallonia (+14.4% since 2008).

A closer look at the 3 regions reveals several differences between them.

In general, the rate of hospital care use is lower in Flanders than in the other two regions. The use of day hospitalisation is significantly higher and the use of ambulatory contacts with the emergency departments lower. The rate of use of ambulatory emergency services is twice as high between the Flemish region and the Brussels-Capital Region. In all three regions, the classic hospitalisation is comparable per 100,000 inhabitants, although remains a little less frequent in the Brussels-Capital Region.

[2] Region of origin of the patient.